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Personal Protection and Executive Bodyguards

Alexios Security Solutions

Welcome to Alexios Security Solutions, the leading VIP security company serving Las Vegas and Phoenix.

We provide an extensive array of security services tailored to your unique requirements. In the dynamic realm of executive protection and bodyguard services, our dedicated team excels, delivering unmatched protection with a focus on personalization and utmost confidentiality. Our unwavering mission is to offer the highest level of VIP security, ensuring your safety at all times. 

Why Choose Alexios? 

• Each client is viewed as a business partner.

• We listen! Communication is a “we” process, not a “me” process.

• We stay informed and trained on current standards and trends.

• Our reputation comes from our desire to deliver exceptional service.

Alexios Security Solutions delivers 5-Star, 4-Diamond service to their clients, partners and community.

VIP Security Services


At Alexios Security Solutions, we understand that certain individuals—be it due to their professional standing, public prominence, wealth, associations, or the regions they inhabit—face a greater level of personal risk on a daily basis. It is our mission to mitigate these risks through bespoke security solutions.



Secure your assets effectively. We specialize in direct strategies like thorough risk assessments and the implementation of advanced security technology. Trust us to protect your estate and assets with rigorous and proven measures, ensuring your peace of mind. 


At Alexios Security Solutions, we take pride in offering top-tier secure transportation services designed to meet the unique needs of business professionals, groups, or individuals. Our commitment to your safety and convenience is unwavering. Our team of transportation experts is not just concerned with getting you from point A to B; they are focused on ensuring that all logistics and movements are  protected.


Alexios Security Solutions offers a diverse range of security training programs to empower individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance safety and security. Our training options encompass:

  • Active Violence Preparedness
  • First Aid, AED, All ages CPR, Stop the Bleed
  • Work Place Violence
  • Home Safety


List of Bodyguard Services

•Executive Protection

•High Profile / At-Risk Individuals & Families

•Residential Estate Security

•Secure Transportation

•Asset Protection & Access Control

•Workplace Violence / Hostile Termination

•Community Based Safety Training Programs

•First Aid Training

•Security Agent / Officer Training

•Active Violence Preparedness

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Evan & Antonio

Although we stay current with all business and industry practices, there’s no replacement for good old-fashioned customer service. Business isn’t complete when you close a contract, it only just begins.

Evan Levitt

Chief executive officer

I do not believe in the cookie-cutter approach to protection services as I have never experienced two clients that were the same. Alexios will customize protection services to fit each client’s needs.

Antonio Guadagni

Chief operating officer

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Hear what some of our clients
and colleagues say about us

Knowing that we have made a difference in the lives of our clients, their companies and families, and for our colleagues as well is a feeling of pure satisfaction! 

Antonio is a great mentor for anyone in the security industry. He is very hard working, adaptive and highly customer service oriented. While working on a security detail together, Antonio was able to mitigate risks and quickly identify solutions for each of the situations we came across. I learned a lot from Antonio and would gladly work for him again. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional.
Thank you Antonio for all the help and being a continued source of knowledge for me. I greatly appreciate your attitude and willingness to help others grow.
Anthony S.
Security Operations Manager at Absolute Private Security
A true security professional! Evan is dedicated when it comes to security and the industry in general. I have worked with him and the teams he puts together for many events, from the 1-person details to events that scale on the mega charts. There is not much that Evan can't handle with the upmost professionalism. I would recommend Evan to the best of them.
Sean R.
Global Sales Operations Manager at IoActive, Inc.
Alexios Security Solutions brings together two seasoned veterans in the Risk and Executive Protection industry. Collectively, Evan and Antonio have nearly 3 decades of protective experience and I recommend them to any of my clients. I’ve worked with them for several years and know their pricing is fair and their quality level is at the top of the industry.
Steve K.
Security consultant

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